Leadership & Governance

Please see sections below for more information about the SST's leadership and governance structure.


Trust Leadership Team

Zoé Evans, Rosewood Headteacher, Trust CEO and Accounting Officer

Andy Evans, Great Oaks Headteacher Geraldine Lindsay, Great Oaks Deputy Head

Sarah Clarke, Rosewood Deputy Head

Jon Hickey, Trust Chief Operating Officer
The role of the School Headteachers

The Headteachers are responsible for the day to day management of the schools, and report to the Trustees and LGB according to the local scheme of delegation.  Headteachers within the Trust may also have Trust responsibilities identified as part of their job description for example – Accounting Officer / Expansion and growth of the MAT.


The Business Leadership Team

The Chief Operations Officer manages a Trust Business Leadership Team, covering Human Resources, Finance, IT and Estates & Facilities including Health & Safety.

Jon Hickey,

Chief Operating Officer

Jen Frost,

Business Leadership Team (Finance) and Trust Chief Financial Officer

Katharine Jordan,

Business Leadership Team (Human Resources)

Man Wong,

Business Leadership Team (IT)


Trust Members
Member's Name Date of Appointment Date stepped down (if applicable)
Nick Vaughan (Chair) 01/09/2017  
Liz McCaughey 13/06/2011  
Tony Boyle 01/09/2017  
Sheena Williams 16/09/2020 27/10/2023
Scott Ashmore 18/09/2023  
Carol Dixon 03/12/2019 01/11/2022


The role of the Members
Members' duties are outlined in the Academies Handbook.  

Members are the subscribers to the memorandum of association.

  • They may amend the articles of association subject to any restrictions created by the funding agreement or charity law
  • They may, by special resolution, appoint new members or remove existing members other than, where there is one, the foundation/sponsor body and any members it has appointed
  • Members have powers to appoint trustees as set out in the trust’s articles of association and powers under the Companies Act 2006 to remove trustees
  • They may, by special resolution, issue direction to the trustees to take a specific action
  • Members appoint the trust’s external auditors and receive (but do not sign) the audited annual report and accounts (subject to the Companies Act) have power to change the company’s name and, ultimately, wind it up

While members are permitted to be appointed as trustees, in order to retain a degree of separation of powers between the members and the trust board, and in line with DfE expectations, the majority of members should be trustees.  Members are not permitted to be employees of the academy trust.

Chair of Trustees

Tony Boyle - Appointed by academy members – 16/09/2020




Date of appointment Term of office Appointed by Stepped down
Zoé Evans 18/09/2023 30/09/2024 Academy Members  
Liz McGaughey 01/09/2023 30/09/2026 Academy Members  
Nicola Caroline Le Prevost 18/09/2023 30/09/2026 Academy Members  
Malcolm Smith 15/09/2021 30/09/2026 Academy Members  
Sue Williams 18/09/2023 30/09/2026 Academy Members  
Rosemary Gregory 15/09/2019   Academy Members  
Pradeep Athwal 02/02/2023 30/09/2027 Academy Members  
Scott Ashmore 03/10/2018   Academy Members 18/09/2023


The role of the Trustees

The Trustees are the Charity Trustees (within the terms of section 177(1) of the Charities Act 2011) and are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the trust in accordance with the provisions set out in the memorandum and articles of association.  The board of Trustees is the accountable body for the performance of all schools within the trust. Its duties are set out in the Academy Trust Handbook and include

• strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy

• accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance

• people with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity

• structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities

• compliance with statutory and contractual requirements

• evaluation of governance to monitor and improve its quality and impact.

The Trust has the right to review and adapt its governance structure at any time which includes removing delegation.

The role of Committees

The Trustees may establish committees either with delegated authority to make decisions or for the purpose of providing advice and support, informing the overall work of the Trust Board.   However these committees are not legally responsible or accountable for statutory functions – the Trust Board retains overall accountability and responsibility. The responsibilities of board committees are set out in their terms of reference; the responsibilities for cluster or school governing committees are set out in the scheme of delegation.   The trust board may appoint committee members and committee chairs.

Finance & Audit Committee

Zoé Evans (Chair) – Trustee & CEO

Malcolm Smith (Vice Chair) – Trustee

Tony Boyle - Trustee

Pradeep Athwal – Trustee

Neville Button – Governor Great Oaks

Bill Shanker - Governor Rosewood

Advisors – Andy Evans, Headteacher Great Oaks & Jen Frost CFO


Health & Safety Committee

Jon Hickey (Chair) – Chief Operations Officer

Liz McCaughey – Trustee

Sue Williams – Trustee & Chair of Governors Great Oaks

Geraldine Lyndsay – Head of School Great Oaks Vermont Site

Man Wong – Business Lead IT

Sarah Lotriet – Health & Safety Coordinator Rosewood

Vicky Dudden – Health & Safety Coordinator Rosewood

David Johnson – Site Manager Great Oaks


Personnel Committee

Katharine Jordan (Chair) – Business Lead HR & Admin

Zoe Evans – Headteacher Rosewood, CEO

Rosemary Gregory – Trustee

Corrina Burner – Governor Rosewood

Neil Margereson – Governor Great Oaks

Gemma Good - Governor Great Oaks


Safeguarding Committee

Grace Kent (Chair) – Assistant Head Safeguarding

Nick Le Prevost - Trustee

Sarah Clarke – Deputy Head Rosewood

Geraldine Lyndsay – Head of School Great Oaks West

Katharine Jordan – Business Lead HR & Admin

Corrina Burner - Governor Rosewood

Angela Hardy – Governor Great Oaks

Jenny Waddington - Governor Great Oaks

Kate Henty - Assistant Head Great Oaks

Colin Ridout – Teacher Great Oaks

The role of the local governing bodies (LGBs)

The Trust Board will establish LGBs, appoint the chair, ensure at least two parents are elected and will determine what will be delegated.   Typically, responsibilities may include:

  • Building an understanding of how the school is led and managed
  • Monitoring whether the school is:Working within agreed policies
  • Meeting the agreed targets
  • Managing its finances well
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Reporting to the Trustees board

As a committee of the board, delegation can be removed at any time.

Members of each LGB are detailed on the school websites: Great Oaks Governors and Rosewood Governors

Trustees Meeting

Name Type 20/09/2022 06/12/2022 07/2/2023 28/03/2023 25/04/2023 04/07/2023
Tony Boyle - Chair Member Attended Attended   Attended Attended  
Liz McCaughey Member Attended Attended   Attended Attended Attended
Zoé Evans Trustee Attended Attended   Attended Attended Attended
Nick LePrevost Trustee Attended Attended   Attended Attended  
Sue Williams Trustee Attended Attended   Attended Attended Attended
Pardeep Athwal Trustee       Attended    
Scott Ashmore Trustee   Attended   Attended    
Rosemary Gregory Trustee Attended Attended   Attended Attended Attended


Finance Committee Meeting

Name  11/10/2022  13/12/2022  31/01/2023 28/02/2023  02/05/2023  27/06/2023 
Scott Ashmore - Chair    Attended  Attended Attended Attended Attended
Malcolm Smith Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended
Zoé Evans Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended
Neville Button Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended
Jen Frost Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended Attended
Andy Evans Attended   Attended Attended Attended  
Prad Athwal     Attended   Attended  
Tony Boyle Attended          
Name Role Business or Pecuniary Interest Nature of Business Date Appointed Interest Declared
Zoe Evans Headteacher, Rosewood and Trust CEO Married to head at Great Oaks School Other school in MAT 01/09/2015 01/09/2015
Andy Evans Headteacher, Great Oaks Married to head at Rosewood and CEO of the Trust Other school in MAT 01/09/2006 01/09/2015
Andy Evans Headteacher, Great Oaks Trustee of The Signalong Group used in both schools Training & Resources for communication difficulties September 2018 September 2018
Eugene McManus Governor, Great Oaks Chairman of Southampton Doing it For the Kids   08/06/2023 25/09/2023
Eugene McManus Governor, Great Oaks Muni Bar and Restaurant   08/06/2023 25/09/2023
Lesley Mantle Governor, Great Oaks Employee of Highfield CE Primary School      
Gemma Good Governor, Great Oaks Employee of the Trust   25/11/2022 16/09/2023
Geraldine Lindsay Head of School Great Oaks West Husband provides consultancy work for buildings projects at Great Oaks and Rosewood Free Schools – OCA Consulting – from 1/4/2023   01/09/2017 31/08/2023
Tony Boyle Member NONE      
Scott Ashmore Member NONE      
Nick Le Prevost Trustee NONE      
Liz McCaughey Member NONE      
Malcolm Smith Trustee NONE      
Nick Vaughan Member Solicitor Represents HWB (School Auditors) Paris Smith - Law Firm 01/09/2017 01/09/2017
Sue Williams Trustee NONE      
Pradeep Athwal Trustee Provides Transport for Rosewood School Transmobility - Wheelchair friendly taxi 02/02/2023 02/05/2023
Rosemary Gregory Trustee Direct Care services for young people Roseroad Association 15/09/2019 15/09/2019
Sheena Williams Member NONE      
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At Great Oaks we...
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