Vision and Values

Trust Vision Statement
Individual Schools with a shared focus on transofrming lives through educational excellence

Individual Schools
Every school within SSET will have an ethos which puts the learners at the centre and reflects these needs in their own establishment.
Each school will determine the philosophy and principles that are the foundation to providing excellent teaching and learning for their pupils.
The leadership of each school will have delegated freedoms within budgets to meet the specific needs of their learners.
The leadership team in each school will lead the learning and determine the curriculum development and direction for their school.
Every school will develop a school community where learners and their families feel valued.

Shared Focus
We believe that as individuals, schools and communities we achieve better outcomes working in supportive partnerships.
We value the experience skills and knowledge of all stakeholders within our trust and believe we can all learn from each other.
We will work to ensure shared services work to benefit of all members of the trust and facilitate excellence in teaching and learning and ensure value for money.
We will collaborate as school leaders to develop opportunities for the expansion of professional progression and the sharing of expertise across the trust.

Educational Excellence
We will, as trust members, contribute to education research both external and action/practice based.
We will expect all staff to be working towards attaining excellence in teaching and learning.
We will ensure that all schools demonstrate the specialist nature of their school and promote exemplary practice across the trust.
We will ensure that all schools maintain a wide perspective on educational development and look to use external advisors and or trainers to develop new areas of expertise.
We will promote collaboration with schools and professionals external to the trust to the mutual benefit of all learners with SEND.
We will, as a trust, advocate for the learners and their families across a range of services.

At Great Oaks we...
At Great Oaks we...
At Great Oaks we...