Curriculum Vision

Through our differentiated pathways to success, Great Oaks students experience a broad and balanced curriculum where all individuals matter. Inclusivity and communication are key across the entire curriculum from early developmental exploration, initiation and anticipation through to core subject concepts alongside vocational, hands-on learning and life skills.

We inspire and enable students by celebrating progress from their starting points and knowing what needs to come next for each individual to achieve their best. Through our curriculum, we aim to develop confidence and independence alongside social and emotional skills, happiness and resilience. We aim for our students to develop a growth mindset through enjoying a challenge and learning from mistakes. Our students feel proud of their achievements and are rewarded with the most aspirational and meaningful accreditation to set them up for a positive future.

At Great Oaks, our students are more than a number, pupil voice is heard to make learning fun through an exciting range of opportunities and activities encapsulated by the Great Oaks Guarantee. Great Oaks is the place where students find their joy, we give students what they want while providing what they need.

At Great Oaks we...
At Great Oaks we...
At Great Oaks we...